• Rolfing

    a unique approach that works

  • Rolfing

    Improves, posture, balance and alignment

  • Enhance

    your yoga practice and performance

  • Rolfing

    relieves pain and tension and improves energy levels

Welcome to
Advanced Rolfing Melbourne

Michael Arnel
Advanced Rolfing Practitioner since 1985

Imagine how it would feel to have a fluid, light, balanced body.
Free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress.
Together we can achieve this for you.

The Rolfing process was designed by Dr Rolf to permanently give you a balanced, pain free and flexible body.

The Rolfing technique allows the body to move back into proper structural order.  This improves energy, movement, mobility, flexibility, breathing, blood flow, lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

Your overall health, energy and wellbeing can be greatly improved with Rolfing.

Private health fund rebates are available for your consultations, depending on your individual level of cover.


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