Neck Pain

The Rolfing process is designed to balance the whole body. Most random bodies have the neck pushed forward in relation to the ribs, often in conjunction with rotated or dropped shoulders. This position of the head compresses the cervical vertebrae, and shortens the soft tissues of the neck and lower back,

When our posture is not aligned, the pelvis, ribs, shoulders, and legs are not supporting the overall structure. Certain parts of the body are compressed and or rotated.Our bodies have to work really hard to stop further collapse.This causes muscle aches and pain, or in a worse case scenario pressure on nerves including frozen stuck joints.

Fortunately with Rolfing, we are trained to see the imbalances that cause neck problems.The problem is rarely in the neck itself, but a combination of overall rotations and shifts,which are  seen  throughout the body. By taking the body back into balance, each muscle can contract and relax appropriately, instead of working non stop to hold the imbalance.

We are endeavouring to find long lasting solutions, and not temporary quick fixes. Rolfing will address the cause of your problems, with sensitivity and skill.

A long term solution for your neck, should include specific structural soft tissue work, found in Rolfing.