What is Rolfing

Rolfing is a process developed by Dr Ida Rolf. The aim is to free up the restrictions in our bodies which have accumulated over time, either through accidents, injuries, faulty habits, emotional stress, or the genetic programming that each person carries with them. These restrictions can give us a poor posture, or can cause pain around our joints,nerves and tissues. Through a combination of stretching massage/manipulations, the Rolfer can release and redirect stuck and misaligned tissues back into alignment. When this is done we have much better flexibility and mobility, and by allowing the body to straighten up and balance, the pressure is released off nerves and joints, giving us a pain free body and a lot more energy. Our wellbeing is greatly enhanced.

Rolfing is mainly a hands on body work, although there are usually some movement and awareness cues to help maintain your improvement. Normally the process is done over 10 sessions in order to properly align each person, however people can also come for quick pain relief, maintainence, and prevention of problems. We would recommend that at least 3 sessions are done to make an informed decision and interpret the changes that are happening. A session generally takes 90 minutes. Initially you will fill in a health form so we can discuss your aims, expectations, and concerns. Most of the session will take place on a specially designed Rolfing table. Clients wear underwear and towels are used for areas not being worked. Rolfers are highly skilled at reading the patterns in your body, so that rotations, tilts, and bunching can easily be detected. If doing 10 sessions we follow a plan, which caters for individual differences in people. Our overall goal is to give you a better posture, comfortable pain free body, and more energy.