Benefits of Rolfing

Rolfing works on structurally aligning our bodies. To do this we have to free up the old patterns of slumping, rotations, and stiffness. So the benefits always include more flexibility and mobility. The benefits of straightening the  body will include much less pain in backs, hips, knees, necks, and shoulders. Almost all of our pain and discomfort comes from the misalignment of our joints. Pain can be alleviated as twists and compressions are reduced and eliminated.

Over the last 33 years of practice, I have heard many testimonials from people who have had their lives enhanced and enriched. Rolfing works both physically and emotionally. This means that people move better, bend better, think more clearly, have less pain, and carry less trauma in their bodies. This correlates to changing lives and function. As structure changes function improves.

Having a great posture is at the heart of Rolfing. Gravity will compress us over the decades of our life. Stretching of joints is essential if we want to reverse this process. Rolfing lifts us up so that gravity is less likely to collapse us. We feel more confident in ourselves and feel lighter.

Clients usually comment that they have so much more energy. The body can be much more efficient when stiffness is released and joints can move more freely.