Back Pain

Effective Solutions For Back Pain

Rolfing is a very effective and long lasting solution to solve your back pain issues. In my experience almost all back pain is initiated by rotations and tilts of the spine,pelvis, hip and shoulder joints. This creates compression on joints and nerves, which in turn leads to pain.

It is not uncommon for the symptoms to be located away from the source of the problem. This is what makes it so difficult for short term "fix it" modalities to get good results. By focusing on the symptomatic areas, the real cause is missed, and so relief is often short term, as the true cause has not been addressed. This also applies to surgical intervention which almost always does not address the cause.

The Rolfing training concentrates on being able to read the body patterns of each person. Through my 33 years experience, I can determine where the rotations and twists exist in your body. The soft tissues pull the bones out of position. These tissues need to be stretched back into place. Once we achieve this, pain is reduced, and each persons body starts to straighten up.

This process is drug free, surgery free, effective, and long lasting. People normally feel significant benefit from the first session.

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