Hip Pain

The Rolfing process is primarily focused on aligning the body, and a key component of this is to balance the hip joints. When hips are misaligned they do not sit in the same plane. One hip may be forward of the other, or higher. We have a rotation which often also affects the knee on the side of the major rotation.

Rolfing stretches the soft tissues/ligaments so that the bones are repositioned in the correct plane again. The imbalance may be from an accident, an operation, faulty postural habits, or even being born with structural rotations. Whatever the cause, this will eventually lead to pain,and the wearing out of joints, and for some people replacement hips.

Rolfing will return your hips to balance. They are being held out of position by stuck tissues.These tissues can be stretched back into place. As an advanced Rolfer of 33 years experience, I can determine which parts of the body are stuck, and have a plan to release, and allow the body to realign.

With Rolfing we are not just working on the hips. All parts of the body will be connected and compensating with any hip misalignment. Rolfing is a complete overview of the whole person.