Pain Relief

Rolfing is an excellent way to relieve pain quickly and effectively.

Pain is the bodies way of informing us that something is happening within us. When we are in good alignment our joints have space to move and support us. When misaligned our bones twist and rotate, pressing on nerves and other tissues. Emotional tension can also bunch and hold our tissues, which can in turn become ridged and sore.

In my practice of over 33 years I have seen a wide variety of problems. Most commonly back, neck, hip, and knee concerns. We are well trained in aligning your posture, by observing and re positioning rotations, tilts, compressions, and collapse. Having this skill enables us to quickly assess the causes of your aches and pains, and do something about it.

We do not use jerky adjustments, or pain killers, or surgery. We observe the patterns that are taking place in your body. Every person has a pattern that is individual to them. Tissues pull in ways that reflect what each person has experienced in their life. Accidents, illnesses, operations, bad postural habits, emotional traumas, and genetic expression all play a part in establishing our unique pattern.

This pattern is observed by a Rolfer to be excessive bunching or holding, or of bones being pulled out of position. Also layers of tissues are pulled in a particular direction and need to be stretched back to where they belong.

This process that we do structurally, re orders your body into better alignment, and gives a feeling of what you felt years before you were ever in pain.