Posture/ Performance

Good posture feels great

Dr Rolf devised her work on improving peoples posture. Her philosophy was to take tissues in the body to where they belong. She did this by releasing bunched and stuck tissues, and stretching them back into place. She also realized that there is a degree of plasticity in the body, so that the tissues and bones can be put back into place.

There are good reasons to improve our posture. Apart from ease of movement and greater flexibility, the balance in a good posture means that our joints do not wear out, and pressure is lifted off nerves and joint capsules. Blood and lymph flow, is more easily moved around the body with the obvious benefits that this brings.

People often ask will the changes last? Photographs taken years later show that the changes are ongoing. As our structure is changed by Rolfing, then this new pattern is the new normal. There is no need to go back to what we had before. The changes are the new you. Some of this is achieved because new links are made between the brain and body. As more is organized in our system, then more of our functional systems come into balance. Everything within us is connected and reliant on something else. As one thing breaks down, then pressure is placed on the next link in the system. Conversely as each part is improved then other parts improve as well. An example would be when the ribs are freed, then the breathing improves. As the spine stretches then the organs can lift, have more space, and function better and with with improved circulation.


Rolfing will lift you up