Anti Ageing

Rolfing is one of the undiscovered gems of our time. The gift that Dr Rolf has given us, to free our bodies as we age, and to stand upright, is the best superannuation that we can have. Dr Rolf discovered that our bodies are quite plastic and changeable. She discovered this well before neuroscientists discovered that our brains also have plasticity, and can change throughout our life.

It is no secret to most people that our bodies stiffen, and we lose energy as we age. Rolfing can counteract this in a remarkable way. We know that machinery breaks down if it becomes unbalanced. We know that when anything becomes clogged up,then it does not work as efficiently. We see decay and entropy around us every day.

Of course we need to eat healthily, exercise, and work at being emotionally balanced, but a lot of this can be somewhat ineffective if our bodies are clogged, collapsed, and tense. The results of our efforts and good intentions can be disappointing.

As our bodies collapse, change shape, and rotate out of alignment, it is harder to move freely, bend over, reach out, and have a spring in our step.

Rolfing works on softening tissues that have hardened, and become less resilient. Also on recognising that tissues have started to migrate away from where they should be, and pulling bones out of alignment. A Rolfers trained eye moves these migrating tissues back into alignment, and we become more balanced and stand straighter.

Nerve pathways, circulation,(including lymphatic drainage) respiration, hormones, and other bodily processes, will all have an increased chance of functioning at a higher level with Rolfing. This promotes a cycle of wellbeing that is truly anti ageing.