Case Studies

The following case studies are representative of the clients who have come to me over the last 33 years. Most people come for three main reasons.

Firstly ,issues like back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain, are concerns that people can carry for decades in some form. Often these people have exhausted more conventional therapies, and are looking for a new approach.

Secondly we see people who are proactive with their health, and are wanting to improve their situation, and prevent problems occuring in the future. Often these people will be into yoga, pilates, or the gym.

Thirdly there are people who feel stuck in their bodies, and in their life.They may have depression, or high levels of stress,or a history of emotional crisis in their life, which has culminated in discomfort by holding onto these traumas. They just do not feel well. Rolfing releases these stuck patterns,  improving wellbeing, and reconnecting us to a less traumatised state of being.

Mr M a man in his 30s came to me after 3 unsuccessful back surgeries. He was using a morphine implant for pain, could not work, play with his kids, or help around the house. After 5 sessions he was pain free, off the pain meds,and looking for work. Twenty years later he is still pain free, living a full life and has referred many people to Rolfing.

Mrs J a woman in her 50s came with severe sciatic pain down one leg. She had booked for surgery, and while waiting was referred for some Rolfing. After 4 sessions the pain was gone and she cancelled the surgery. She is still active and working 15 years later, pain free.

Mr T a man in his 30s had debilitating back and neck pain. His body was quite twisted and rotated, causing pain down his leg. After 6 sessions his pain was gone and he was very happy. He had spent thousands of dollars over several years without any relief, and his state of mind improved dramatically when the pain left him.

Mr P a man in his 40s came with severe neck pain. He had been advised by 3 neurosurgeons that the problem was coming from a cranial nerve, and that it could be fixed with brain surgery. After one session his pain was gone never to return..The problem not in his brain but a trapped nerve in his neck.

Ms H came with a pattern of daily headaches that she could not find a solution too. From the first session her headaches diminished to the point where she was not having any. Chronic stress in her body being a major driver of her condition.

Mr M a man in his 20s came because he lacked motivation and direction in his life. He felt that he was stuck, and lacking in confidence. After 10 sessions of Rolfing his musical abilities improved ,to the point where he joined a symphony orchestra and travelled the world. He felt that the Rolfing influenced him so much, that it changed his outlook on life for the better.

Mr R a man in his 30s came because he was into preventative health, and felt Rolfing could help him. Although he considered his physical ailments minor, the rolfing did relieve him of a nagging neck ache and occasional upper back pain. Also a groin pain disappeared during the 10 sessions. What did surprise him was the great sense of wellbeing that he felt.He was holding onto far more stress than he imagined, and a lot of emotional baggage. He was able to change to a more rewarding career and make better decisions for himself.

Ms M a woman in her 60s had a painful knee and walked with a walking stick.Her knee was twisted as a result of a rotated hip joint. After aligning her hips, we were able to straighten her knee. This gave her great relief. She got rid of the stick and her gait improved markedly.

Mr F a man in his 40s had a fall and broke his wrist. As an accountant he had to use a computer but was told by his physiotherapist to do exercises and rest the wrist, because every time he tried using the computer he would have severe pain.  Sound advice but he was frustrated. We were able to fast track his recovery so that he could start using his computer straight away.

Ms R a woman in her 30s had an accident on her bicycle with a car. Her hand was severely damaged, especially the index finger of one hand. The surgeons at the hospital wanted to amputate her finger, but she refused to let them. They could not guarantee that she would ever have any function in the finger. She had great confidence in the Rolfing, and over several months we were able to improve her hand and finger to the point of regaining all of her movements.

This is only a small sample of the 30,000 sessions of Rolfing I have done. Thousands of people have had their lives improved in all sorts of ways. From frozen shoulders, to sciatica,to posture improvement,to freedom of mobility, to better breathing, better circulation and better emotional wellbeing.

An email or a phone call is all it will take to find out if Rolfing is right for you.