About Michael

Welcome. I first became interested in Rolfing in 1980 when I met the only Rolfing practitioner in Australia at a workshop in Sydney. At the time I anticipated training in either physiotherapy or psychology. However I was immediately attracted to the holistic view that Rolfing brought. I understood that healing was not just one approach, that too often brings a "fix it or band aid treatment". Rolfing very much understands that everything in life is connected. We are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings and as our life goes out of order, so can these aspects of our life. I decided to try the process for myself, and could hardly believe the changes that it made. I had been seeing an osteopath for some time because of my neck, and my back would occasionally go into spasm. I also had some groin pain that inhibited me when walking. All of my pain completely disappeared over a series of 10 sessions. What made it even better was that the pain stayed away. My energy levels increased, and emotionally I felt like a different person. I quickly reassessed what direction I needed to follow ,and decided to apply to the Rolf Institute in America.  For people who rate quality of life as highly as I do, being a Rolfing Practitioner, and having Rolfing sessions made a lot of sense.

Having the first 10 sessions totally transformed my life. I  I had a sense of calmness and focus which was transforming.  This is what I wanted in my life, and I knew other people would want that as well. Since training at the Rolf Institute in 1985 I have maintained a busy practice in Melbourne, as well as traveling extensively for ongoing trainings, which culminated in my advanced training in 1995. I have written many articles, worked and lectured here and overseas, and been interviewed on radio and television about the Rolfing process. I believe that to really understand and be effective in an area, one should concentrate and delve into that area, to learn completely the lessons and depths of the process.  I learnt that this is what gives most power to the work. I am continually inspired by what Dr Rolf conceived, and the passion that she brought to her work. I am married to Kathryn a Naturopath/ Nutritionist and we have 2 children. My other interests are in self development/empowerment, nutrition, writing and philosophy.

My mission is to help you feel fantastic, younger, pain free and comfortable in your body.