Yoga and Rolfing

10 sessions of Rolfing is like 10 years of yoga "Dr Ida P Rolf"

Yoga is a great form of discipline for our mind body and spirit. Dr Rolf was inspired by yoga in her formative years to the extent that she devised some of her work based on the excellent stretching, and the opening of spaces in the body.  Your body will lengthen and come into balance with targeted Rolfing.  Free movement comes from increased space around joints. This is the secret of Rolfing.

Yes muscle length is important but we move from our joints. Rolfing adds significantly to yoga because we separate muscle fibres, thus allowing  a greater range of movement, and increased stretch. We do this by sliding through stuck layers, and allowing the body to lift from it's collapsed state.

Rolfing will help your yoga practice because we have a trained eye for what is holding up your progress, and can add the benefit of improving your posture. Sometimes tissues need to move in opposing directions which is difficult in yoga, but works easily when a Rolfer can help you through this process.

My practice is made up of many yoga students and teachers. They invariably tell me how much their yoga improves. It is hard to assess your  body in regard to rotations and restrictions. A Rolfers trained eye can do wonders for your practice and to sort out what is not working for you in your body.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday  8.00am to 6.30pm. Health rebates are available for people with extras cover.